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2013 CCA National Specialty - 3rd Place, Most Versatile


The name "Peyton" is Scottish in origin and means "royal," and so he is Moore's Royal Lord. 

Peyton is from our first litter.  He is a beautiful male with a huge properly harsh coat, well fitted. He is sound, healthy, playful, and intelligent.  He learned to perform DAD duties from his sister, Kenzie, and also plays a part in warning Alicia when Kenzie isn’t around.


Peyton started his agility career at full speed.  Unfortunately, we weren’t prepared for that much drive with one of our two first agility dogs, so ended up demanding him to go slower, which we learned too late wasn’t the right approach.  We were so happy when he started taking direction and performing the obstacles!  Unfortunately, we later learned that speed is a virtue when it comes to agility.  We have not gotten that first amount of drive he had back, but he is having fun and running again. He received his agility Championship in 2015, making him our first dual Champion.


Peyton also enjoys herding, pulling his cart, and conformation.  He likes tracking,and we will start working on that when he gets tired of doing the more active sports, but he shows no signs of that, as he gets faster in agility all the time.


Peyton came in third place in the rankings for Most Versatile Collie at the National in 2013.   There were 69 qualifiers.  He has his CCA Versatility Excellent Award and is the only Collie to earn the Grand Versatility Excellent Award in 2015. 


CH Moore’s Tiernan Dash HT NDD


Breannan introduced us to the world of Collies, and we thank his wonderful temperament, intelligence, and happy outlook on life for helping us to fall in love with this wonderful breed.


Breannan became a champion in early 2009.  In addition to earning an AKC Herding Titled (HT), Breannan is one of the few collies to have earned a draft title from the BMDCA.


He currently plays with his offspring and spends most of his time keeping his human family under his watchful eye.

Moore's Idris Laise PT


The name "Connlaodh" means "pure fire," and "Idris Laise" is Welsh and means "ardent, enthusiastic, impulsive lord of the flame" and is pronounced, "EE-dreese lee-AYS."



Conn is ​already living up to his name as he is the enthusistic son of ...


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