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CH Contempo’s Alainn Aithne


After becoming Collie lovers through Breannan, we decided we would like to try to create more dogs like him and delve into the world of breeding.  We searched for a look we liked, and compatible type, and determined that the look of CH Dea Haven’s Memory Maker was what we were after.  So, we searched for a daughter of his to breed to Breannan.  We found Kate and fell in love with our first Collie girl.  She was very different from Brean, more adventurous, more like the guard of the family.  


We bred her to Breannan, and from that litter, kept Kenzie and Peyton.  They were all we were looking for in the litter, healthy, beautiful, sweet, sound, smart, and easy to train. These two dogs started our journey into performance.  


Until her puppies were old enough to do performance, we hadn’t really thought of doing any dog sports.  We later in her life discovered her favorite thing to do is lure coursing, and she qualified in her first try at the Coursing Ability Test.  


She is currently enjoying her time defending our house against pesky deer and rabbits and the occasional lawn mower.



2013 CCA National Specialty - 9th Place, Most Versatile


The name "Kenzie" is Scottish in origin and means, "the fair one." 

"Alainn Aoife" is "beautiful life, fire, radience" and is pronounced: AW-lin EE-fyuh.

Kenzie is the first puppy that was born from our first litter.  She earned a special place in our hearts.  She taught herself to become a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) and she constantly monitors Alicia, who has type 1 diabetes.  She earned the Collie Club of America’s (CCAs) Shining Star Award for “extraordinary service” for not only becoming a diabetic alert dog, but for saving Alicia’s life on multiple occasions.


Kenzie was the first Moore Collie to get an agility title, the first to become an agility champion, the first to get a herding title, and the first to earn a RAE.  She is a quick learner, eager to please, extremely smart, and is healthy and sound enough to withstand the rigors of competition.  She also earned a CAT leg, but ran much faster than the lure controller expected, and injured her shoulder making a very fast turn.  Because we can’t be sure the lure controller will be able to keep the lure sufficiently ahead of her to avoid this happening again, she has been retired from lure coursing. 


We bred Kenzie hoping to capture all her good qualities with a slightly more “in style” eye.  We achieved that with her daughter Caoilainn, who we kept.  We bred Kenzie again, as her first litter exceeded our expectations.  The timing wasn’t right, so we ended up selling the puppies.  (Two are in performance homes, and we hope they will excel at whatever their new families decide to do with them.  Please see Our Litters for more information.)


Kenzie is currently learning to drive with ducks in herding to work towards her Intermediate title.  She has one more major to go for her conformation championship. She is also training in tracking.


Kenzie came in ninth place in the rankings for Most Versatile Collie at the National in 2013.   There were 69 qualifiers.  She has her CCA Versatility Excellent Award and is working toward the Grand Versatility Excellent Award.




2013 CCA National Specialty - 5th Place, Most Versatile


The name "Caolainn" means "slender, white, fair and pure." "Aileen Aednat" means "noble little fire."

Kenzie was bred to CH Highcroft Bourne Supremacy in 2013, and produced Caoilainn, who we added to our family.  Caoilainn has her dam’s great angulation, intelligence, health, movement, and her sire’s melting expression.


Caoilainn’s litter was the first we raised using “super dog conditioning”.  This creates dogs who are highly adaptable and able to cope with circumstances that are typically stressors for dogs.  Caoilainn is also a DAD for Alicia, though her work was partially trained, not entirely naturally occurring.


Her favorite place to shine is the breed ring where she can be the center of attention and where she finished her championship easily. She also loves to work ducks and her natural herding style is to drive. Caoilainn also loves training in tracking - a sport where the dog is in the lead!


Caoilainn has her pre-trial tested herding title, and is practicing taking direction while driving before trying for her Started Ducks title.  She also dabbles in Rally with her mom, though, as with all the Moore Collies, it is far from her favorite thing. 


Caoilainn has a unique trick that is one of our favorite things any of our dogs do.  We call it “sproing” ing.  When she is happy to see us, she leaps up off the ground with all four feet as though she is on a pogo stick.  She does it a few times and sometimes actually is able to kiss our faces while in the air!


Caoilainn was fifth place in the rankings for Most Versatile Collie at the National in 2013. 


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